Drafting Contracts

The Art of Drafting the Right Contract  

A business is a compilation of contracts. Partnership and shareholder agreements, joint ventures, leases, mergers, acquisitions, sales, employment agreements, there’s a contract for every stage of a company’s life.  

The contracts – and there are a lot of them – that keep a business going day-to-day look deceivingly simple. After all, it’s really just writing down what everyone is supposed to do, when, and for how much; then sign and date, and get to work.  Right?     

No, of course not. Successful ventures require in-depth contracts. In many cases it’s a series of in-depth contracts.

How those contracts are designed and drafted has implications that may extend for years. Every company is different. Every partner, employee, joint venture, project, and everything else that makes a company go presents a new, different set of conditions, terms, and parties. Business contracts must be drafted to fit the company’s goals and unique needs.

Boilerplate agreements will not suffice.  

I have crafted contracts for companies of all sizes. The Law Office of George W. Svoboda uses our in-depth knowledge of business and the law to collaborate with clients to produce contracts for every contingency.  Present and future. 

What is the Right Contract?

The right contract is designed and drafted to last.  The right contract must be written to fit the needs and goals of the company. It must anticipate problems, challenges, and the unexpected. 

I have been involved with business of all sizes as a consultant and an attorney. I own my own business. I know what it takes to draft a successful contract. One that protects my clients.  

Designing a Blueprint for Success

All contracts, of course, identify the parties, and carefully lay out their roles and responsibilities. Compensation – amounts and the timing of payments – are specified.

To be effective, though, contracts need to cover funding/payments, compensation, make allowances for applicable state and federal regulations, and much more. Most of all, they must anticipate future events and conditions. A contract, then, needs to reflect current conditions, needs, goals, and responsibilities while also planning for the unexpected. 

The right contract is your best protection against a breach. All that and so much more must be addressed and agreed upon by the parties involved. It can’t be done in a vacuum. It requires the ability to recognize what the other parties want and need and negotiate with them. Then, the contract must be clearly, unambiguously written, the better to eliminate future misunderstandings. 

Protecting Against the Unexpected

Contingencies need to be addressed. Every gray area filled in. Potential pitfalls identified and covered. It takes knowledge, experience, energy, and resources to negotiate, draft, and execute a concrete contract. The right contract pays enormous dividends. Disputes are avoided. Conflicts are mitigated. 

When the Law Office of George W. Svoboda negotiates, designs, and drafts a contract, it does what you need it to do. Let me put my knowledge and experience to work for you. I will design a contract with you that addresses your needs and protects your interests.