Merger, Acquisition, and Sale

Business opportunities can arise out of nowhere, in the most unexpected ways. Suddenly, you have the chance to merge with another company or acquire a competitor or you have a serious offer from serious people to buy your business.  Suddenly, your dreams for your company look like they are about to come to fruition.

Make the Right Decision

The opportunity appears abruptly but this is not a decision to be made impulsively. Impulse buying belongs in the checkout line at the grocery store, not with anything to do with your company.

It’s not just about the details of a merger, a sale, an acquisition – it’s about sound business sense, emotions, due diligence, negotiation, preparation, communication, and planning.  

Initiating, negotiating, structuring, and closing a business deal requires a deep understanding of laws and regulations along with sharp, smart, creative business acumen.

That’s the kind of experience I acquired over thirty years as a management consultant before I opened the Law Office of George W. Svoboda. 

The Issues

It starts with, of course, your business. The one you spent years building. Maybe alone, maybe with family, maybe with trusted partners and valued employees.

Whatever the history, it’s your company and changing it by buying a company or merging with another is scary, exciting, and stressful at once.  

What buying, selling, merging have in common is that the execution must be flawless.

Flawless execution requires research, diligence, negotiation, patience, doggedness, a deep understanding of business law, and experience.

Some of the issues that must be addressed and/or disclosed before any type of deal can be completed:

  • Valuations
  • Debts
  • Pending litigation
  • Employee contracts
  • Due Diligence
  • Licensing
  • Compensation
  • Management

That’s just a few of the many things to be discovered, discussed, divulged, considered negotiated, and, finally, agreed to. 

Getting it Done

To get to that final agreement, the right questions must be asked. The right answers given. The right documents read and analyzed. There will be meetings with accountants, investment advisors, valuation experts, and other lawyers to conduct.

It takes legal knowledge, experience, and a business perspective to do this smoothly, as stress free as possible, and in the time frame the client wants.

I gained that experience and business acumen over thirty years as a management consultant at some of the largest – and best – management consulting companies in the world. I understand the connection you have with your business and everything that entails. 

I know from experience that even though the new deal is exciting, it’s still hard.

I will make it easier.

Your Next Steps

I will advise and assist you as you move forward with a business merger, acquisition, or a sale of your business.

If you are selling your business, I collaborate with you and plan long and short-term strategies to position the company for maximum value.

If you are acquiring a business or joining as a partner, I will help you navigate the process while ensuring there’s transparency across the board. I manage the details so you can cleanly and efficiently merge with or acquire the business.

With my decades of experience, I know the questions to ask and the problems to avoid so your business merger, acquisition, or succession capitalizes on the value you’ve spent years building. Start by calling me.