Breach of Contract

A million contracts a day are broken but no one notices and no one is affected in any meaningful way. Doubt that? Odds are decent that you’re breaking your contract with Apple while you read this. Does the ‘breach’ have any effect on Apple? Do they even notice? That ‘breach’ has no effect on anyone. 

Unlike the ‘broken’ contracts, the Law Office of George W. Svoboda handles virtually every week. They are broken agreements that have serious and far-reaching consequences for the clients that were relying on performance. Business owners, families, companies can be devastated when the terms of a contract are broken or ignored.

When a Contract is Broken

The contract set the standard for working relationships, responsibilities, and expectations, and more. A breach means someone did not uphold their part of the contract. They were irresponsible. You are not responsible for their failure to act as promised but you are adversely affected. A broken promise will undoubtedly affect compensation, damage business relationships, and impair reputations. Beyond the frustration, disappointment, anger, and stress is the knowledge that your business has been affected – which means your employees and family have been affected. 

As a business owner on a tight schedule, you can’t afford to wait for the matter to resolve itself. At some point – hopefully early – you need to recognize that demanding compliance is eating up your work day. You should not try to ‘fix’ it yourself, that’s a path to a worse problem.

Enforcing the Terms

The contract was designed, negotiated, and drafted for you and the business. I will ensure the contract’s terms are enforced or damages are paid. The Law Office of George W. Svoboda will pursue your matter as vigorously as the law allows. I know time is of the essence. I will work with you to find the best possible solution, as timely as possible. You will always know where your case stands. I will present every option, pursue every avenue, and explore realistic outcomes. 

Your Next Steps

When this happens to you and your company, you need to act quickly. You need an attorney with strong, real world business experience and a deep understanding of contract law. I am that attorney. With over three decades of management consulting and practicing law I offer a unique perspective. Don’t wait. Please. The sooner we pursue the matter the better. In some cases there are time limitations, in all cases you need and want the matter resolved. Call the Law Office of George W. Svoboda, we will help.